Together it Works

Philip Matthews Company is aware of the environmental footprint it can leave on the earth. Our commitment to product stewardship is second to our commitment to our planet. All of our products are designed with conservation in mind. In a controlled environment, we recycle our 1st generation of scrap and off-cuts back in to our various product line where applicable. The process is kept clean and the materials performance is not compromised, and best of all…it gets used in a productive way. Even scrap, wants to be more than just scrap…

We recycle all of our plastics back into our various products. Our 2nd generation of scrap gets used in products where the surface is not seen, as in the walls of RV’s where wires need to be managed and hidden. The benefits of serving many markets allow us to find a home for all of our scrap. We take it one step further and PMC will go on the open market and buy scrap generated by other processes. We strive to find a home for all of our materials so they don’t wind up in landfills .

We must all do our part to reduce our environmental footprint. As a responsible corporate steward, we do our best to reduce our footprint and we hope that together, we can find ways to allow future generations of this great planet a chance to see it for its real beauty.